Whether your arrival here today was on purpose or a matter of serendipity, we hope you like what you see and return frequently.

About Our Name

Syntheney (sintheh-nee) is the perception of a natural harmony first seen when you aren’t looking.

  • It is the connection that has always been there but heretofore unseen.
  • It is the expression so unfamiliar it challenges us to reach beyond our grasp to find the distant connection that renders it meaningful.
  • It is the surprise that transforms possibility into opportunity.
  • It is the discovery so succinct, so fundamental, and so obvious in an instant after its articulation it elicits a lively “Of course…!”

Our Mission Is

  • to illustrate how syntheney happens and what it means to each of us in our everyday lives, and
  • to demonstrate why syntheney is not solely the domain of the noteworthy experts & innovators among us but is rather a field of spontaneity:
    • engaging each of us in our uniquity,
    • enhancing our being,
    • ennobling the efforts of us all in leading our lives, and
  • to celebrate the AHAs, large and small, as markers of syntheney that move us forward as individuals, a society, and a culture:
    • from the children who show us the brilliance of their simplicity,
    • to the writers, artists, and designers, who inspire us,
    • to the scientists, technologists, engineers, & mathematicians who surprise us,
    • to the boldly and the quietly courageous whose dedication amazes us,
    • to the everyday passersby comprised of more than meets the eye.

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