Thoroughly Conscious Ignorance

Thoroughly conscious ignorance is the prelude
      to every real advance in science.”
James Clerk Maxwell
As you may have read:
  • on our Welcome page – Syntheney is the perception of a natural harmony first seen when you aren’t looking.
    • It is the discovery so succinct, so fundamental, and so obvious in an instant, after its articulation, it elicits a lively, “Of course…!”
  • on our About page – We help people discover what they never knew they know, surprising themselves with an Aha! of recognition leading to an insight that informs and inspires.

Aha!s arrive in all matters and all degrees of:

  • insight & creativitywater-90781_1920_Pixabay
    • from commonplace to brilliant,
  • substance
    • from speculative to fully formed and actionable,
  • novelty
    • from new-to-you to heretofore unheard of, and
  • utility
    • from incremental improvement to game-changing, fundamental shift.

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Looking Without Seeing…Seeing Without Looking


On July 7, 2017, Air Canada Flight 759 from Toronto, an Airbus A320, made what the pilots thought was a routine approach to Runway 28 Right at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Moments before touchdown, at an altitude of merely 59 feet, they abruptly pulled up attempting a go-around for another landing approach to avoid four fully loaded aircraft on the ground almost immediately in front of them.

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People Don’t Look For Rainbows…They See Them

cropped-sorasak-217807.jpgSyntheney is a matter of experiencing an Aha! that makes all the difference. It is the perception of a natural harmony first seen when you aren’t looking. How that happens is the subject of this post. It is also the reason our Welcome-page features the image of a rainbow.

A copy of that image also appears here for your reference.

Put yourself in the place of the photographer who took this picture. From a distance he sees the waterfall cascading over the precipice from the river above. He sees sunlight shining from behind him and through the water droplets in the falls ahead. The spectacular natural harmony of the rainbow emerges where his viewpoint intersects the blending of water droplets and sunlight. We know this because the image portrays what he sees.

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